Archives August 2023

Analytics services for building a bank’s Data Driven strategy

Uncovering market positions

Friends, today I invite you into the fascinating world of analytics, where we will use modern services to dive into a sea of data and uncover our bank’s position in the financial market. You will learn how internal indicators affect the share of the financial institution as a whole.

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Driving Banking Innovation: A Deep Dive into Qlik Sense Implementation

In today’s data-driven financial world, banks are a prominent client sector where analytical reporting is in high demand. To better understand their needs, we look into the nature of the bank, its current condition, and its specific requirements.

Imagine a bank trying to improve its financial performance. To achieve this, it requires precise and insightful data that can only be obtained through analytical reporting.

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Breaking Barriers: Harnessing 400 GB of Data for a Cutting-Edge Loan Portfolio with Qlik Sense

Today I would like to share with you a fascinating story about using Qlik Sense to analyse a bank’s loan portfolio. This project was not just a challenge for us, but an opportunity to open up new horizons in the use of data analytics.

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