Retail Data Analytics

Use data-driven insights to stay ahead of the curve, adapt to customer preferences, and outperform your competitors. In the retail industry, with customer demands that change rapidly, the growing prominence of online shopping, and the need for a streamlined supply chain, adaptability is key. To keep pace with this fast-moving landscape, retailers must leverage data to gain a deep understanding of customer behavior and market trends.

Our retail analytics solutions help you make sense of vast amounts of data and make data-informed decisions about every aspect of your business

Data is being generated continuously from every customer click and purchase, and we help you harness that data from all sources, including POS systems, e-commerce transactions, supply chain systems, and social media.

Data and Analytics Services for Retail

We help you centralize this data, analyze it and use it to keep up with customer expectations, identify market opportunities, and stay agile in an ever-evolving environment.

Product Availability

Analyze product data by category, supplier, and location to ensure that you have the right mix of products in the right stores, with the right inventory levels to meet customer demand.

Customer Behavior

Analyze customer purchasing behavior across channels and geographic markets. Use these insights to adjust product mix, focus marketing efforts, and optimize product pricing according to market trends.

Forecasting and Supply Chain Management

Improve purchasing, forecasting, and distribution management using traditional and advanced analytics. Align order, production, and delivery schedules to consumer demand and lower costs associated with excess inventory.

Store Operations

Analyze store and franchise performance by viewing trends in sales, customer traffic, and transactions. Identify top-performing and underperforming stores to make data-driven decisions.

Optimize Retail Locations

Augment consumer data with geospatial data to determine the economic value of each physical location. Use geospatial techniques like indoor mapping to optimize in-store experiences based on shopping patterns.

Promotional Optimization

Understand the effectiveness of promotional offers and their impact on sales, inventory, and product availability.

Retail Dashboards

Our intuitive dashboards provide easy access to critical KPIs and a comprehensive view of your retail operations.

Here are a few examples of how a chain of retail shops can use BI: