For sales and marketing teams to succeed, they need to fully comprehend customer behaviors and needs and determine the strategies that work best. Many organizations require extensive data pulling from different systems and manual efforts to produce consistent reports.

Our sales and marketing analytics solutions enable sales and marketing teams to use their data confidently, enhancing sales, achieving a positive marketing spend return and quickly adapting to uncertain markets.

Data and Analytics Services for Sales and Marketing

Our sales and marketing analytics solutions integrate data from various sources like automated marketing platforms, CRM systems, social media platforms, advertising channels, SEO tools, website analytics tools, etc., to provide a complete understanding of the efforts that lead to conversions.

360-View of Customers

Get a 360-degree view of your customers and marketing activities by integrating and analyzing sales and marketing data from your martech stack sources (such as Saleslogix,, Marketo, Microsoft Dynamics, Hootsuite, Twitter, Google Analytics, Hubspot, etc.) into one platform.

Campaign Performance

Track and measure campaign performance through a comprehensive view of your marketing activities. See which programs, campaigns, and channels generate the most sales. Establish the relationship between lead generation and sales to understand and demonstrate the impact of marketing on your business.

Customer Behavior

Identify customer preferences and purchasing patterns to inform sales and marketing strategies. Predict customer churn to devise retention strategies focused on valuable customers.

Customer Segmentation

Categorize customers into groups based on common traits and factors, allowing you to refine your messaging and tactics to target each group more effectively.

Sales Forecasting

Predict sales and plan for growth by examining current and historical sales data alongside industry benchmarks and market trends. Identify trends and patterns to create more accurate forecasts, benchmarks, and quotas.

Sales Performance

Track sales rep performance and quotas, empower your sales team to boost productivity and close more deals, and use intuitive dashboards for reps to manage daily sales activities and leadership to analyze sales.

Here are some examples of how to use Business Intelligence (BI) for Sales and Marketing:

Overall, BI can help Sales and Marketing teams gain a deeper understanding of their customers, improve the effectiveness of their campaigns, and make data-driven decisions that lead to better sales and revenue outcomes.