Our Versatile Technology Skillset From AWS to Qlik, Tableau to Power BI, PostgreSQL to Airflow, Nifi, and Clickhouse

We have extensive experience across a wide range of data and analytics tools. Let us help you optimize and make the most of your technology stack.

Analytics and Business Intelligence Services

Our experts have been providing top-notch analytics consulting services since the early 2000s. With the latest BI tools and analytics solutions, we help you choose the right platform to drive your business forward.

Enterprise Analytics Implementations

We design and implement enterprise analytics solutions using modern tools to find, interpret, and communicate data patterns. Working with your stakeholders, we ensure your analytics solution meets your specific needs and delivers value to your business.

Analytics Evaluation and Optimization

Optimize your existing BI platform to get more out of your analytics investments. We assess limitations, improve reporting processes, and enhance front-end delivery for maximum BI tool utilization.

Data Visualization and Enterprise Reporting

Automate reporting with well-designed dashboards and reports that clearly communicate complex data. Our experts will help you create interactive and intuitive visualizations for effective data analysis.

Migration to Modern Analytics Platforms

Upgrade from legacy systems to modern cloud-based BI and analytics platforms that adapt and scale with your business. Seamlessly integrate new data sources for future growth.

Analytics Tool Selection

Our consultants have extensive experience with BI software and strong vendor relationships. We guide you through an evaluation process to choose the best options for your requirements and enhance end-user capabilities.

Advanced Analytics

Expand your analytics beyond descriptive analytics with our experts’ technical expertise. Leverage advanced solutions, such as machine learning models and data monetization, to unlock the full potential of your data.

Geospatial Analytics

Add context to your business data by integrating location data with geospatial analytics. Our experts will help you harness data from various sources, such as GPS and social media, to get more value from your analytics.

Technology Training and User Adoption

Ensure success with your BI and analytics investment by promoting user adoption and buy-in across your organization. We implement user-friendly solutions and provide training to equip end-users with the necessary knowledge.

Analytics Project Process

Every engagement with us is unique, but our typical project flow guarantees that every detail is considered and executed to ensure the final outcome is an analytics solution that meets your current needs and prepares you for future success.

Requirements Collection, Data Profiling, and Wireframe Development

We take into account your organization’s objectives and profile your source data to comprehend the context, then create wireframes for review.

Data Modeling and Design

We establish, design, and develop the dimensional model, testing it to confirm the KPIs and metrics defined are accurate.

User Interface and User Experience Design

Our iterative design approach starts with a rapid prototype, then goes through several rounds of testing and refinement before delivering the final product.

Education and Ongoing Support

We provide process documentation, end-user training, and ongoing support for the solution delivered to ensure the smoothest transition.

Consult with a Data Expert

Get in touch with our analytics experts for a personalized consultation. We’ll listen to your challenges, evaluate your data, and create a tailored plan for data-driven decision making.

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