Expert Industry Solutions Data may be universal, but each industry has its own specific data analysis requirements
We assist retailers in integrating data from POS systems, ecommerce transactions, supply chain systems, and social media into a single location, enabling them to meet consumer demands, uncover market opportunities, and stay agile in a rapidly evolving environment.
We help manufacturers overcome data silos, giving them better visibility across their entire manufacturing lifecycle. Our solutions help manufacturers use data to increase operational efficiency, improve productivity, reduce costs, and meet changing customer demands.
Life Sciences
We help life science companies leverage their data from research, clinical trials, production, sales, and customers to drive progress, boost sales, foster innovation, and bring new ideas to life. Our solutions put data at the center of product development, smart sales strategies, and improved patient outcomes.
We assist insurance companies in using their data to provide exceptional customer service, even in the face of a challenging regulatory environment and intense competition. With our solutions, insurance companies can better understand their customers, boost retention, enhance underwriting risk assessment, lower claims costs, and identify new growth opportunities.
We assist healthcare providers, including major hospital systems, home health care companies, rehabilitation services, dentists, pharmacies, and veterinarians, in integrating data from Epic, Cerner, and other EHR systems to reduce re-admissions, lower case costs, boost patient and physician satisfaction, and increase operational efficiency.
Financial Services
We help financial professionals shift away from manual data preparation and report generation in Excel to automated financial analytics solutions. Our solutions enable businesses to make informed financial decisions more quickly, reduce costs, manage risks, and increase profitability and transparency.
Supply Chain
We help companies use their data to understand and optimize their supply chain performance, from product design to distribution. Our solutions give companies end-to-end supply chain visibility, enabling them to operate more efficiently, be more resilient, and increase profitability.
Sales and Marketing
We implement sales and marketing analytics solutions that integrate data from CRM systems, marketing platforms, website analytics tools, SEO tools, social media, advertising channels, and more, providing a comprehensive picture of conversion-driving efforts.
Human Resources
We create solutions that integrate data from HRIS, applicant tracking systems, learning platforms, payroll systems, and surveys with data from across the organization. Our solutions provide HR departments with complete visibility into the employee lifecycle, enabling them to build a strong workforce and advocate for employee well-being.
We assist financial services companies in gaining a comprehensive view of their customers, portfolios, and products. Our solutions enable self-service analysis and reporting for analysts, bankers, executives, and portfolio/client managers, empowering them to increase profitability, gain customer insight, and assess risk.