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At Datamind, we believe in making the hiring process as simple and risk-free as possible. That’s why we offer a three-step process that allows you to tell us about your needs, get matched with the perfect developer, and begin working together risk-free for one week. If you’re not satisfied after the first week, there’s no charge.

We’re confident that we can find the right developer for your project quickly, thanks to our thorough and best-in-class vetting process. And when it comes to pricing, we believe in transparency – you’ll always know how much you’ll pay, with no hidden costs or startup fees. So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about hiring Qlik Sense, Tableau, and Power BI developers from Datamind.

Working on an hourly-paid basis has several advantages for both clients and developers:


Hourly billing allows for greater flexibility in project scope and timeline. Clients can adjust their requirements as the project progresses, without having to renegotiate a fixed price contract.


Hourly billing provides greater transparency in project costs. Clients can see exactly how much time a developer spends on a project and what tasks are being worked on.

Cost savings

Hourly billing can be more cost-effective than fixed price contracts, especially for smaller or shorter projects. Clients only pay for the actual time spent on a project, rather than an upfront lump sum.


Hourly billing is a fair way to compensate developers for their time and effort. They are paid for the actual work they do, rather than a fixed price that may not reflect the true amount of work required.

Quality control

Hourly billing incentivizes developers to work efficiently and deliver high-quality work, as they are being paid for their time and effort. This can result in better quality work and a more satisfied client.

Overall, hourly billing can provide a more flexible, transparent, cost-effective, fair, and quality-driven approach to working on projects.

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