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Data Model

Data model is a way of organizing the logical structure of data storage in a database. There are three main types of data models which differ by the way of establishing links between the data.

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Database consolidation: steps, methods and examples

Data volumes are growing rapidly around  the world, and in order to effectively use their immense potential, proper storage and management of information is required. One of the most effective ways to solve this problem is database consolidation. What is it and how to implement it correctly? In this article we’ll look at the ways database consolidation can benefit to you and how to implement it in practice. If you want to optimize your work with data, this article is for you!

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Check out the CDO Cheat Sheet: Your Quick Reference Guide to Mastering Data Leadership!

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Types of the databases: detailed overview of the DBMS types

Often, in the reviews of the database types, there is information about relational and “other” types, “NoSQL” etc. or the most basic types of DBMSs (databases), the rare ones are not mentioned t all. In this article we will try to describe all the types of the databases and give examples of the specific implementations. Of course, the article does not pretend to be all-embracing, databases can be classified in different ways, including types of optimal load, etc. Moreover, all the types of the databases will be described briefly. But we really hope that the article will give basic understanding of the DBMS types as well as of the principles of their operation.

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Looking to develop a robust Data Strategy? Check out our Data Strategy Cheat Sheet – your ultimate guide to harnessing the power of data!

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Elevate your data game with our comprehensive Data Governance Cheat Sheet

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Unlock the secrets of superior Data Quality with our Data Quality Cheat Sheet!

From spotting inaccuracies to enhancing insights, this cheat sheet is your compass!

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Secure your data fortress with our Data Security Cheat Sheet!

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Build the foundation of your data success with our Data Architecture Cheat Sheet!

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How to add a new DB into the stack

I would like to present the check-list which will be extremely helpful in the following cases:

  • There is a DBMS and it should be taken for the administration;
  • You have to study a new DBMS as soon as possible, you have never worked with it but soon it will be used within your project;
  • You possess a  «zoo» containing a wide range of DBMSs and you should standardize an approach in order to work with all of them;
  • It is necessary to audit a certain DBMS.

This article will be of a great interest not only for the DBA, but also for the people who are in charge of the DBMS support and maintenance, for example for the system administrators, DevOps  and SRE.

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