Qlik Sense provides a range of educational materials and training resources to help users learn and master the platform. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, Qlik offers comprehensive resources to enhance your skills and knowledge. Here is an overview of the educational materials and training options available for Qlik Sense:

  1. Qlik Help and Documentation: Qlik provides extensive online documentation and help guides for Qlik Sense. These resources cover various aspects of the platform, including installation, configuration, data modeling, app creation, visualization, and administration. The documentation serves as a valuable reference for understanding the different features and functionalities of Qlik Sense.
  2. Qlik Community: The Qlik Community is an online forum where users can engage with a global community of Qlik enthusiasts, experts, and developers. It is an excellent platform for asking questions, sharing knowledge, and getting assistance from experienced users. The community also hosts webinars, tutorials, and blog posts that provide valuable insights into Qlik Sense usage and best practices.
  3. Qlik Continuous Classroom: Qlik’s Continuous Classroom is a self-paced, online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses and learning modules for Qlik Sense. These courses cover various topics, including data modeling, app development, visualizations, scripting, and advanced analytics. The Continuous Classroom provides hands-on exercises, quizzes, and certifications to validate your learning progress.
  4. Qlik Webinars and Virtual Events: Qlik regularly hosts webinars and virtual events that cover a wide range of topics related to Qlik Sense and data analytics. These webinars provide insights into industry trends, best practices, and real-world use cases. They are a great way to stay updated on the latest features and advancements in Qlik Sense.
  5. Qlik YouTube Channel: Qlik maintains an official YouTube channel with a vast collection of video tutorials, demos, and recorded webinars. The videos cover various topics, ranging from introductory overviews to advanced techniques. The YouTube channel is a valuable resource for visual learners who prefer watching demonstrations and tutorials.
  6. Qlik Academic Program: Qlik offers an Academic Program that provides free Qlik Sense licenses and resources to educational institutions, students, and professors. The program aims to promote data literacy and analytics skills among the academic community. It includes curriculum materials, teaching guides, and access to Qlik Sense software for educational purposes.
  7. Qlik Consulting Services: Qlik offers professional consulting services to organizations seeking guidance and expertise in implementing Qlik Sense effectively. These services can include customized training sessions, workshops, and mentoring from Qlik experts. The consulting services are tailored to the specific needs of the organization and can help accelerate the adoption and success of Qlik Sense deployments.

These are some of the key educational resources and training options available for Qlik Sense. Whether you prefer self-paced online learning, community engagement, or personalized consulting services, Qlik provides a comprehensive ecosystem to support your educational journey with Qlik Sense.

Qlik offers a comprehensive range of courses and certification programs for individuals and organizations seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in Qlik Sense. These programs provide in-depth training on various aspects of Qlik Sense, empowering participants to become proficient in data analytics and visualization. Here is an overview of Qlik Sense courses and certification:

  1. Qlik Sense Qualification: This entry-level certification program is designed for individuals who want to demonstrate their foundational understanding of Qlik Sense. It covers the basics of data discovery, visualization, and dashboard creation. Participants learn how to load and transform data, create visualizations, and build interactive dashboards using Qlik Sense. The Qlik Sense Qualification certification is a great starting point for individuals new to Qlik Sense or looking to validate their fundamental skills.
  2. Qlik Sense Business Analyst: This certification program is targeted towards business analysts who want to delve deeper into data analytics using Qlik Sense. It covers advanced data modeling, data visualization best practices, and advanced analytics techniques. Participants learn how to create sophisticated data models, perform complex calculations, and leverage advanced visualization features in Qlik Sense. The Qlik Sense Business Analyst certification validates the ability to harness the full power of Qlik Sense for data analysis.
  3. Qlik Sense Data Architect: This certification program focuses on data integration and architecture in Qlik Sense. It covers topics such as data connectivity, data modeling techniques, data transformation, and data governance. Participants gain expertise in building efficient data models, optimizing data load scripts, and managing data sources in Qlik Sense. The Qlik Sense Data Architect certification is ideal for individuals responsible for data integration and management within their organizations.
  4. Qlik Sense System Administrator: This certification program targets system administrators and IT professionals responsible for managing Qlik Sense deployments. It covers topics such as installation, configuration, security management, performance optimization, and troubleshooting. Participants learn how to deploy and maintain Qlik Sense environments, manage user access and permissions, and ensure optimal system performance. The Qlik Sense System Administrator certification validates the skills needed to effectively administer Qlik Sense deployments.

Qlik also provides a variety of training courses to accompany these certification programs. These courses offer comprehensive instruction and hands-on exercises to enhance participants’ understanding and proficiency in Qlik Sense. The training courses cover a wide range of topics, including data modeling, visual design, advanced analytics, app development, and administration.

Participants can choose from various training formats, including instructor-led classroom training, virtual classrooms, and self-paced e-learning courses. Qlik’s training programs cater to different skill levels and roles, ensuring that individuals can find the most relevant and appropriate learning opportunities.

By completing Qlik’s courses and certifications, individuals can gain industry-recognized credentials that validate their expertise in Qlik Sense. These certifications can enhance career prospects, showcase proficiency to employers and clients, and demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

To explore the available courses, certification programs, and training options in detail, visit the Qlik website’s training and certification section. There, you’ll find comprehensive information about course descriptions, schedules, prerequisites, and certification requirements. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, Qlik’s training and certification programs can help you unlock the full potential of Qlik Sense and excel in the field of data analytics.