KERAMA MARAZZI is an international brand, one of the leaders of the global ceramics market.

The company entrusted us with a very ambitious task which consisted in the elaboration of the required number of key analytical reports (dashboards) for the Qlik Sense platform, including:

  • Product range analysis
  • Profitability report
  • Branch activity analysis
  • Sales budget by channel

The priority is to help Kerama Marazzi top-managers to obtain a flexible tool for monitoring and controlling budget execution, to identify the reasons for its non-fulfillment in various analytical groups (market segments, price categories, formats etc), as well as to identify products with low sales despite the high demand in the corresponding series.

The project is aimed to reduce the time spent on data collection, consolidation and processing which will let the users spend more time for data analysis and strategic decisions elaboration. The system provides a visual display of the dynamics of key operational and management indicators with a high level of granularity, paying special attention to the completeness and reliability of the data. As a result, the system represents a set of harmonized reports (dashboards) designed to support decision-making management and track the current state and performance of the company.