Effective Data Analysis and Reporting

Burger King achieved success through efficient data analysis and reporting. They utilized QlikView and Excel databases to load data and create a data model.

Procedures were put in place for data normalization, including formatting data and linking information from different source systems. This allowed for the creation of revenue reports by client design, LFL reports, and the generation of indicators to assess structural divisions.

Furthermore, the ability to export reports in MS Excel format files in manual and automatic modes was also available. Additionally, there was an instrument of control for retroactive verification of primary data changes that influenced the changes of indicators values.

This complete solution was designed to evaluate the performance of 600 restaurants, with 300 locations in Russia and the CIS spanning six time zones. Restaurant directors and territorial managers were provided with real-time information on restaurant performance. The tool enabled specialists to independently research performance and identify the factors that affect it.

The solution includes three main QlikView blocks, catering to user groups such as General Manager, Executive / Operational / Regional Directors, Restaurant Managers and Administrators, Financial Analysts, Marketing Specialists, Grocery Managers, and Purchasing Departments.

The characteristics of the solution include KPIs, like-for-like, date-to-date analysis, factor analysis of revenue, comparative analysis of sales figures, abnormal fluctuations analysis, and reporting for executive, financial, and general directors.

Marketing analysis and Product managers can analyze average check amounts, structure by day and hour, and the average number of items on the check. They can also analyze shopping flow by hours, meal ratings, and cross-sales with report designer for all indicators in all sections.

Operations and Human Resources have access to KPIs for restaurant performance, food ratings, restaurant performance analysis, plan/factual analysis, and a report designer for all indicators in all areas. NPrinting allows for sending operational reports on a daily basis with reporting details that depend on the level of position.

Burger King’s success story demonstrates how proper data analysis and reporting can positively impact a business.